[Sport SEO Case Study] How I rank #1 on Google for a brand new domain in two months

SEO Case Study for brand new website rank top 1 Google in 2 months in Sport field: Marathon.

I share my real SEO case study about rank new site on top #1 Google just in 2 months with a brand new domain in sport field. With actionable steps in this Case Study you can make it too!

Note: I’m a Vietnamese live in Ho Chi Minh city and never travel the world so English is not my native language but I try to share and explain about what I love: Marketing & Build Startup. I also a marathoner who blog about running here.

Okay let’s started!

Firstly, I want you know little bit about Biti’s brand. It’s a local brand company in Vietnam produce shoes. Biti’s Hunter is a newest sport shoes of them which has cheap price that many many teenager can afford and high demand.

It’s like Adidas Boost in US/UK. At this time I wrote this article, search queries related with “review bitis hunter” & “dong ho chay bo gia re” my blog rank at top 1.

Update: at this time (November 07 — 2018) my keywords rank 1 in Google.

review bitis hunter SEO case study
Screenshot from Rank Tracker SEO Power Suite. Get it FREE here.

As you can see above, main keyword “review bitis” and it’s variation ranked top 1 on Google. Both desktop and mobile.


Keyword “review bitis hunter” means review a popular shoes in my country, Vietnam.

Keyword “dong ho chay bo gia re” means cheap GPS Running Watches.keyword “cheap running watch” in Vietnamese

running watches case study how to rank top 1 google

Top #1 keyword “cheap running watch”

sport SEO case study cheap running watches have GPS

Double check it with Browser Private Tab. Beautiful result with star rating feature snippet. How about main keyword with higher competition? Let’s check ranking for “dong ho chay bo” (mean Running Watches).

running seo case study website

=> It’s also rank top #2 Google for this keyword with feature snippet. For this key the 1st place is Garmin official website in VN. It’s a brand so take time to take Garmin position.

But… in another variation of this keywords “dong ho chay bo GPS” (GPS Running Watches) I can sit on top of Garmin website.

running watches seo case study

and here is Google Search Console report for article about Review Bitis Hunter shoes.

sport seo case study new domain

You can see from Google Search Console report above, my blog’s traffic go up from around 09/25/2018 to 11/20/2018 with Total impressions nearly 60K with 12.8 average position and get 4000 free traffic from Google!

How about Google Images Search?

sport SEO case study: Google Images search ranking
My website has 4/10 images on top of result.
biti's hunter case study: SEO images
and many traffic from Google Images for keywords “biti’s hunter shoes”.

But… without money in return SEO is basically pointless.

money proof Report from dashboard AccessTrade Affiliate Network.
Revenue from my affiliate network dashboard.

My first 3 months from run this new domain revenue according report (~ $USD 13,600). Not bad for a brand new domain just run few months huh?!


So, what I did? just 4 simple things everyone can do:

  • write only 1 articles for main target keywords;
  • make only 1 video on youtube;
  • no backlinks or try to get un-nature backlinks from forums/web 2.0;
  • optimized onpage SEO;

I will write detail & actionable step which easy to follow on every things I did.

Stay tuned!


Website Setup

I use WordPress as CMS and Publisher theme. This theme included hundred of pre-made templates for any niche with sample data that allow you quickly get up and run a new website in just 1 hour. It’s also bundled premium plugins specific made for blog which want to monetize with Adsense and Affiliate program.

And some essential plugins:

  • Yoast SEO: you know what it for;
  • KK rating Star: for display nice yellow star in SERP;
  • WordFence: security;
  • Akismet: anti spam;
  • BJ Lazy Load: lazy load images;
  • SUMO: proven method for increase social share and customer signup;
  • Autoptimize: minify and combine JS/CSS files;
  • Cache plugin as your choise: I use WP Rocket;
  • WP Sweep: optimize database


Content Strategy

Write only 1 article that in-depth enough to keep visitor as long as possiple that will made DWELL time increase fast and Google will consider this is a value content then they will uprank your page despite it a new domain.

For more detail, 1 content above is your $$$ money article in long form content. Include video/infographic is a plus.

Then write 3–5 sub articles that support for money article I mentioned above. Sub-articles no need to long just around 500–1500 words.
ON-page SEO

1. Speed Speed and Speed: Make everything as fast as possible. Start with a good WordPress theme & hosting with great support like Hawkhost. They will help you avoid headache later.

Read more about how to optimize WordPress speed here. (with free tools and proven method that work!)

2. Mobile optimisation: nowaday consumer uses their smartphone to shop, entertainment and learn.

3. Secure: install https, Security Plugin, Backup database regularly.

4. Site Structure: do it right from beginning by Niche research, Keyword research.

After do Keyword Research I seperate keywords into categories, pages and posts. The main target keywords will be in long form article (which Yoast SEO call: cornerstone content).

5. Internal link: backlink to money article from support articles.


My Internal linking structure model in diagram

internal link structure for affiliate site SEO case study

Explain figure above:

I write 5 sub-articles target long tail keywords related with main keywords to support cornerstone content, then make internal link back to corerstone content. This way you make sure every search queries that land into sub articles will go though internal link and end up in cornerstone content.

Note: the $$$ articles often target your longtail keywords that you have after done keyword research. This type of keyword usually has medium competition and has enough searches per month.

SEO casestudy InternalLink siteStructure byKimiRunner 2

Figure #2: after rank TOP Google for group of keywords make it support the second group

A High competition keywords we will put it into category or another article. After all the most competition keyword in your niche will assign to homepage.

SEO internal link structure model case study

Full of internal link building model.

We can use ranked keyword group to support new group and so on. You can get tons of free traffic by this way if you ranked 5–10 long tail keywords.

More and more user come to corner stone content and interact with, Google will consider this is a good article for this main keyword I target and make it go up in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).


5. User Signal: includes these following factors

  • CTR
  • Time on Site
  • Interact with content
  • Page per Visit

When you create and planning for content, think about how visitor will react and interact with your contents. After that put CTA, infographic or video into it.

googleanalytic stats

Avg. Time on page is ~ 3 minute. Bounce rate 67%

Youtube is really good in term of SEO and User Signal. I’ll wrote another article about optimized youtube SEO later.

Google consider User Signal is a ranking factor in these days.

Link Building Strategy

In 2 months I focused only create High Quality Content and do On-page SEO the best I can. After create enought articles I started building link with Social Network, make some link in high related forums in Sport, Marathon niche.

After my articles got top 1 Google start build link more often to strengthen position on the top.



What to do after ranked on TOP

Keep writing more relevance articles with keywords ranked on top. Find more quality backlinks from related website/blog that allow guest posts to strengthen position. I also develop new group of keywords to make more and more keywords go to top SERP.

Conlusion about Sport SEO case study

Wow it already a 2000+ words long article with my suck English :). If you are not clearly understand which point I’m talking just comment what you are struggling with SEO below.

I’ll share more real case study in my field: Online Marketing, SEO & WordPress here. Hope you guys enjoy my content and get some helpful tips.

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