My SEO Mindset!

SEO is quite simple! You write content that sastifies user’s search intent then Google make it go up. Don’t make things more complex by doing SEO with wrong mindset. It impossible to rank top on Google if you’re doing SEO like a spammer. Here is my thoughts about SEO.

Content Marketing mindset

Firstly, SEO is for human not for Google bot or another search engines like Bing, Yandex… So you need to write content for your audience, not for a bot or the green light in Yoast SEO plugin. It just a tool which helps you do your job more easier.

The most important goal of SEO is giving value for visitors. Not clickbait or use some tricks to get on the TOP then nobody interacts with your website. High bounce rate is an indicator your content not carefully researched.

You got number #1 position on Google SERPs is pointless if it doesn’t make money or convert into customers. So go with the right SEO mindset from beginning to achieve your customers.

Link Building Mindset

Talk about Link Building, the more difficulty backlink you get it’s likely more quality link for your website. The easiest backlink is the one useless. So stay away from classifying website, spammy forums, spam blog comment. Just Waste your time and your energy.

White Hat – Black Hat – Grey Hat SEO?

No matter what you call it, stay away from tips and tricks that violate Google policy and not give value to visitors. Google’s algorithm changes every day. But you know what: only bad quality sites loss their ranking, high quality content site with UI/UX optimization always stay and rank higher.

So why waste your time with black hat SEO? Think long-term.

With this mindset, I’ve achieved one of my projects in Sport field on top #1 Google in just 2 months. Read my case study here.

Conclusion about SEO mindset

This is my personal thoughts about SEO, not right or wrong here. I also want to hear your thoughts about SEO mindset? Comment below!

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  1. This is what I’m looking for. Thanks for your writing. This article very useful for me and for my new site. We need to fix our mindset instead of chasing SEO tips & tricks to excess google pleasure.


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