Jetpack Optimization tips for better speed score!

While setting up new E-commerce site using Woocommerce and connect with Jetpack plugin, I notice many slow respond request from Jetpack plugin. I dug into it and find out many ways we can make it faster by setting Jetpack correctly from the beginning. If not, it cost you money because user leaves your slow site.

Let’s optimize Jetpack with these step by step configure.

Turn off features you aren’t use

Jetpack is packed with many features, you are probably not using all of them to keep in mind that you need to turn off features that you don’t use (as well as delete plugins and themes not using).

How to: Dashboard > Jetpack > Settings. Click on debug link. This will move you to a screen shows all Jetpack features.

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 1

Now click on blue link “access the full list of Jetpack modules available on your site“.

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 01


Or simply click this link: (logged in with admin role and replace your domain).

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 02

Now disable all the features you don’t want to use in near future.

Setup Preconnect with DNS

Install and activate plugin Autoptimize then go to dashboard > settings > Autoptimize. click on Extra tab on top of the screen. Scroll to Preconnect to 3rd party domains and paste these into the input form.

Async Javascript-files (advanced users) input: paste this,

You will have something like this screenshot

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 05

Press Save changes and empty cache to save all settings.

Config Quality of Photo

If you are using Jetpack CDN to optimize upload photos, you need to config it quality of compression image in order to make photo best for user. Default level of Jetpack compression is 80. We need to increase it to 90 or more depend on your need. This is really important with who run travel blog, photography blog or food blogger.

#1: install plugin My Custom Function

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 03

Activate it and go to Dashboard > Settings > PHP Inserter

jetpack optimization settings screen debug 04

Turn toggle to ON, paste these lines of code into this and press Save changes after that. Now your photos handle by Jetpack CDN will have quality 90% of original upload photos.

/* Jetpack Photo CDN: increase quality. default is 80 */
add_filter('jetpack_photon_pre_args', 'jetpackme_custom_photon_compression' );
function jetpackme_custom_photon_compression( $args ) {
$args['quality'] = 90;
$args['strip'] = 'all';
return $args;


Hope this helps you achieve faster Pagespeed score with google. Read more detail my guide to improve pagespeed score to 99/100 here. Which feature of Jetpack you love? Share your thought below!


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